FANCY welcomes the sixth anniversary!



On September 19, 2020, Fancy is celebrating her sixth birthday, which coincides with her moving to a new site. Fancy held a grand ceremony.


In the past six years, Fancy has experienced the baptism of years, the wind and rain, and has countless wonderful memories.


Six years ago, seven of them came together to create Fancy.


Six years later, more than 100 partners gathered together because of their dreams grew up and expanded with Fancy.


2190 days and nights, 52560 hours. Every minute and second of Fancy in the past six years has been inseparable from the support and waiting of all lottery people.


Whether you are fancy's staff, customers, or partners in the same industry, Fancy would like to express our high respect and best wishes to you!


It is because of you that Fancy can grow up in training and win in cooperation.


It is because of you that Fancy can be fearless and forge ahead in the storm.


In the future, Fancy hopes to continue to walk hand in hand with you!


We will create fine carving products with craftsmanship and create the future with innovation.