Barcelona EI Prat Airport


When it comes to Spain and Barcelona, everyone will think of the charms of "enthusiasm", "warmth", "unrestrained", or the psychedelic shape of Gaudi architecture, which was designed by Spanish ghost architect Ricardo Bofill.Barcelona Airport (Barcelona El Prat Airport)-a wonderful little refreshing bright, unique and different.


Ricardo Bofill is a versatile and prolific and prolific architect in his career. From modern country to contemporary high-tech, from post-modern to minimal, there is no fixed style, only perseverance, The principle that people change with time and place. The studio he created, Bofill Taller de Arquitectura (RBTA), has contributed many stunning works to the Spain. His designs are all over the world, and in recent years, he has frequently cooperated with China. FANCY is fortunate to provide renderings, multimedia and animations for RBTA's Xiong'an New District project in Hebei and Jiangdong New District project in Haikou, China. This opportunity provided insight into the efficient work attitude and excellence of well-known architects and the teams they lead Working style. 


Barcelona El Prat Airport is located 15 kilometers southwest of Barcelona in the Catalonia region of Spain, and about 3 kilometers from the most important tanker market port. It is the second largest airport in Spain and one of the busiest civil airports in the world. It is the main airport in Catalonia.