Congratulations to the German Jaeger Kahlen Partner for winning another bid!



Congratulations to German Jaeger Kahlen Partner for winning another bid!


It is very lucky for us to participate in the performance of the construction plan of the project. After communicating with the team of Jaeger Kahlen deeply, we created a sketch of the global smart chip building with the close cooperation.


Fancy is sincerely grateful for your trust, we are willing to do our best to complete your project.



Project details

German international practice Jaeger Kahlen Partner has won the competition to design the headquarters for GOODiX, in Shenzhen. The newest building of the chip design and software development emerging company will take a unique form orientated to public spaces and intelligent technology culture.


The project is set to become the key signature building for GOODiX Technology where it will serve also as a showcase of the company’s unique products and work culture. Located in Futian district, Meilin-Caitian area is a pivotal and vibrant zone of development in Shenzhen. 


Opening up to Lianhua Mountain Park and Futian CBD, the building design creates a large inviting public plaza, create a signature place for people in the district and stimulate the work interaction and productivity with interconnected floor levels. The building typology and its floor organization has been structured around communal and shared working hubs where new ideas and products would foster and emerge. The physical and visual connection between the interior space and the outdoor garden has been defused by continuous indoor floor atrium spaces.