FANCY Shanghai Branchi welcomes the second anniversary



Fancy Digital Technology Co Ltd, the home of 3D visual art people, the forefront of the CG industry seekers, made up of an outstanding team of professionals from the fields of architecture, design and 3D digital. Mainly provide digital visual creative services, digital platform development creation and production services, focusing on architectural performance, digital city, digital exhibition, digital object model, digital film, etc... Combining the core 3D technology and the integration of multimedia means to realize its application and value in different fields.


With the continuous expansion of Fancy (Beijing Fancy Digital Technology Co., Ltd.) business scope, the company's strategic layout and market share, in order to better expand its business brand and accelerate the strategic process of enterprises in market competition, 2018 On the morning of October 18th, Fancy Shanghai Branch was officially listed in Shanghai, which marked Fancy once again took a solid step toward the forefront of the CG industry.



Since the establishment of the company, Shanghai Branch has been the second branch established by Fancy. The establishment of Fancy Shanghai branch not only expands the company's value chain, but also enhances its international influence. Since its establishment for two years, Fancy Shanghai Branch, as always, adheres to the concept of "customers at ease, staff innovation", to meet the needs of customers for works.


This year, Fancy Shanghai Branch moved to a new site, located in 309, block C, Xingzhong Creative Park, 605 Tibet North Road, Jing'an District. As for the so-called painting performance, the five colors are in cycle, which forms a transparent space in the prosperous world of symbiosis and co prosperity. The decorative language of five elements color matching endows the space with more personality and vitality, so as to burst out more creative inspiration. We hope that we can experience the dialogue between works, architecture and city in the new working environment.


Looking forward to the future, we will still be more determined to walk on the road, we will still embrace our dream, no matter how many difficulties and hardships ahead, we will always work hand in hand to create brilliant!